Getting Motivated: Knowing is not enough...

One of the biggest challenges in burnout recovery is taking consistent action...and being patient with ourselves. Too often, we think that now that we understand what caused our burnout and we're familiar with some tools that have helped others to recover from burnout...that's all we really need to know.

But this is only information -- knowledge is applying that information to create a new reality.

Burnout recovery takes time. Full recovery is seen in a new psychological contract with work (or the stressor that triggered our burnout) -- and it can take up to 2 years from the lowest point in your burnout cycle. So as we claw our way forward to a new, less stressful normal, we can become impatient and stop our progress when "recovery" is not immediate. BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF! Burnout is a transformational change that challenges our fundamental paradigms, assumptions, and expectations. Just keep focused on your recovery by celebrating the small wins resulting from each step of your journey.

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