Welcome to the Course!


Welcome to Burnout Recovery!    

Burnout affects your entire life: psychologically, emotionally, and physically. If you’ve already taken my free mini-course on What Is Burnout, then you know what burnout is…and isn’t. 

Although there are many factors that may have contributed to your burnout, the effects are universal: the über stress of burnout is affecting you emotionally, psychologically, and physically. 

It's important to remember that burnout is NOT “in your head” AND it does NOT mean that you suffer from a maladaptive response to stress. 

WARNING: Be patient with yourself as you go through this course! Although your descent into burnout may have been relatively quick, a full recovery can take up to two years.

Burnout recovery IS available! By implementing the 9 most effective paths to burnout recovery, you can immediately begin proactive to regain your lost enthusiasm!